1. The photo of your lovely flower is just what the doctor ordered for my tired achy body on an overcast and very dreary morning.


  2. Love that plumeria blossoms, always a great reminder of the tropical paradise 🙂


  3. it must be one of the most wonderful names ever – frangipani (as mysterious, if not as sweet as jasmine)… and i can’t even imagine the fragrance oh


    • i say intoxicating, but i’m no stranger to hyperbole (so… temper your expectations–but not by much).


  4. I love the black background which really sets of the yellow and white “starbursts!” And I’m so glad I enlarged it and was delighted by the moisture, the dewdrops, or droplets left by a pre-dawn rain. The rain always seems to me to enhance the fragrance of plants and flowers… So like Roxana, I’m left trying to imagine that incredible fragrance in the silence…


  5. Ah yes, those raindrops, hiding in plain sight. It’s not as easy to disguise fragrance, but the internet does a fantastic job at shunning the odoriferous in favor of the aural and visual.



  6. Your beautiful frangipani flowers bring me years back in Madagascar. I do not think I have ever experienced since a delicate and unbelievably refined scent such as the “frangipanier’s”. Thanks.


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