About growing up.



  1. are these your lamps? lamps?

    the photograph is simply gorgeous…

    today, one of my students told me that she didn’t particularly want to study languages or literature, actually to study at all, i asked her what she planned to do with her life, how old she was (23) – and she said something which disarmed me: nothing, i don’t know, i haven’t thought about anything, i just want to be able to be a child a little longer…


    • Yes, my mirror, my lamp (a magical lamp–designed to puzzle even the most discerning Aladdin).

      The occasional perspicacity of students is something to be surprised at! But here was my thinking on the future (hatched after the fact, naturally): we are taller, we are more defined (the idea of using an intentional comma splice was also hatched after the fact too). But, we are boxed in and less whole (i.e. children are whole).


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