Whispery clouds and the susurrus of mirrory water



  1. such clarity, such limpidity
    (letting myself dissolve in this light blue and clear whispers i understand once more why i find the name Clara so beautiful 🙂


    • Naturally you don’t skip a beat when one commingles the visual and the aural…and i like the name clara too.


  2. The photo of the water is one of serenity. Lovely.


  3. The many moods of the ocean — from whispers to riots. One can never tire. Your colors here are a cool, soothing balm. I love the slight textural and tonal variations in the water; I can feel the rhythmic undulations…


  4. I’m here from oilpastelsbymary.com’s nomination of your blog for “Very Inspiring Blogger Award,” and I REALLY LOVE this!!!


  5. quite stunning


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