But sir, the lizard ate my homework…



  1. Gasp! Composition, cropping and colors are great! Not to mention the perspective and depth of field. I never would have thought to shoot this subject from that angle; close to the ground, from behind, at “lizard level.” These aspects connect me…


    • Actually it’s a bit of a trompe l’oeil: the lizard, endowed with stellar equilibrioception, was scaling a wall, thus completely horizontal, and, to my good fortune, near a sharp corner. i took the shot from that corner, fudging the low angle from the ground look.


  2. it is beyond amazing


    • Yes, and it will eat your homework too (if your schoolwork consists of an amalgam of filigreed flies and neoprene gnats …)


  3. Great shot! Thanks for visiting my blog ~ looking forward to going through the rest of your posts. Mary


  4. Here’s one that I did not comment on. Pretty creature . All the colors in the photo are perfect.


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