Max Anthony Sphere Is My Brother — Part 2

The doorbell rang melodiously (vaguely reminiscent of a cinnamon-sweet leitmotif from one of Wagner’s better operas). Dutifully serenated, the little street where John lived was yawning and stretching lazily, and as John rushed to the entrance, a shaft of light generously provided the playground for recessing dust motes, some engaged in cowardly acts of bullying, while, looking yonder, others played hopscotch hurriedly.

The short stories have been moved to a password protected page.


  1. Hey Prospero, I love your story, I enjoyed reading it. Your descriptive langauge is pretty amazing, you must be a very observant person by nature. On a recent forum, the question was asked about what inspires us to write….so I put the question to you, what inspires you?


    • Blossom, i think it would be easy to say that it’s Pompeian red Hibiscus that inspires me, but that’s only a partial truth (it’s the slatternly yellows). I think it’s more a manifestation of something internal, like madness. One day I realized literature was similar to jazz music improvisation: the melody is an independent clause and the modifiers are the improvisation; exotic vocabulary is like the tension created by taking the improvised line out a semitone; ghosted notes are like modifiers that are detached from the main clause, but have an understated yet inherent beauty to them. There is also rhythm to sentences, and the similarities go on and on.


  2. I love your writing style. Somehow, I knew I would! The phrase “for winter’s long fangs were beginning to tear into the muscle of autumn” struck me particularly. I also share John’s attitudes about the “thankless endeavor” of picking thru the mail. I do it only once a week, and with dread. I’m looking forward to the brother’s visit and also, finding out more about how John and Giselle’ relate to one another.

    I’m so glad you found your way back to the blogosphere! I am enriched by your presence.


    • i decided to come back for you and roxana. Who else would be foolish enough to follow my trail?

      It’s still tough. Nothing has been the same since my butterfly went to heaven.

      Right now, i’m just trying to keep busy–it’s the only way i can deal with the pain. And thank you for seeking me out. i really appreciate your support (and your spirit and your incredible photography!)…


  3. You have great command of our language. Descriptions are intricate and provide a good feel of the story.


  4. Great writing here! Love your descriptions and use of words to move the reader into your world. BTW “his Machiavellian plot” was perfect in describing John. Giselle totally ignores this buffoon, now I understand.


    • John is such a buffoon, which is why I consider this little character sketch to be a comedy.


      • It works, with perfect timing John could be faced with laughing sneers. Go Giselle.


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